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Our new and improved Licensure Course is now 8 weeks long and is evenings and weekends! As the chairman of the NM Body Art Board, Jonelle was seeing a signifcant need for a longer, more digestable course.


This course will allow you to really practice and absorb all the nuances that go in to Cosmetic Tattoo licensure. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are Zoom theory. Saturdays and some Sundays we practice on live models. 


Three chapters a week will be need to complete the provided textbook and workbook. You will complete Bloodborne Pathogens/CPR and First Aid training. Weekly homework drawing assignments will be provided. We also give a full kit so you can work on clients.


You are allowed to work at Glow while gaining your state required hours. 

State requirements are as follows:

Theory: 100 hours

Brows: 20 hours

Lips: 20 hours

Eyes: 20 hours


After you have satisfied your hour requirement you may start to get paid for taking models at a commission rate of 50%. This will help you keep practicing as well as earn some extra cash, until you feel confident to work on your own. 


This course also comes with Jonelle's propreitary class, Beauty Biz Bootcamp! In this one day class you will learn mindset, legal and marketing to help you gain success in you career fast!


We offer financing with Care Credit and PayPal Credit

Cosmetic Tattoo Full-Licensure Course

  • Tuition is due 3 weeks before class starts unless you opt for PayPal payments. If you would like financing via Care Credit, please call 505-471-1008 to make that payment. 

    No refunds are available.   Please be 100% committed before making the purchase.

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